Website build

At intersol, we only build web sites that are responsive and work seamlessly on any device (mobile, tablet, desktop, TV, etc). We believe that great design it is not about making pretty things, it’s about taking the concept to the final product and making this available to everyone, regardless of the device that they are using.

Understanding your requirements

When designing web sites, we always start with the goals of the project and of your business in general. From there we identify the users and end customers and work as collaboratively as possible with all parties to determine the most appropriate design and structure for the site.

This could involve using a competitor’s site as a stimulus, creating or utilising a WordPress theme or starting completely from scratch.

When the scope and requirements have been finalised, a price can be agreed upon, along with milestones for delivery of the project. If your site requires web development (e.g. displaying information pulled from a backend database) then this will also be included in the specification.

The design process

We will set up a development and staging environment where you can watch your site being built. At all times, you will be kept advised of progress. Your site will be optimised for search engines, based on keywords of your choice, and will include analytics software that will provide you with a detailed analysis of how your site is performing.

Going live

When the site is completed, it will undergo rigorous testing and, when you’re happy with the build, we’ll both sign the project off. At this point you are ready to go live. We'll help you with your domain registration/transfer and can either host your website for you or transfer it to your web host of choice. We can also help to manage your site for you and market your site, depending on how you want to move forward.

Get in touch

If you have any questions at all about how we can help you with your web requirements or web site design in general, then please do not hesitate to get in touch.