No matter how big or small your double bathroom scheme is, planning it takes time and all the elements going into it need due consideration. Think carefully about the space you have to play with and what can comfortably fit into it without it looking cramped. Make a list of all the things you would like and then order them in priority. This will help you decide what you can and cant live without.

Give some thought to creating the bathroom of your dreams. What does your ideal space look like? Is it a place to escape to or a busy family bathroom? Dont think about how you currently use it, but imagine how you would like to use it it will inform your fixtures, fittings and even your colour scheme.

If youre blessed with enough space, a double-ended freestanding bath that can comfortably accommodate two people has to be high on everyones wish list, but again he advises against rushing in without considering the practicalities. Think about how you are going to get water to your bath. Do you need to place it against a wall or are you happy to have a freestanding tap, which is part of the overall look?

Its also worth considering where your toiletries might live if you are placing it as a focal point in the centre of the room. One option here is a shower toilet.

At first glance, modern shower toilets such as the modern Geberit Aquaclean are virtually indistinguishable from the traditional alternatives. The spray arm is found in a well-protected park position. The spray nozzle is flushed automatically before and after use with fresh water, which means that it always stays clean.

And who wouldnt want a beautiful tub taking centre stage, forming the star of the show, and the hub of any family bathroom? Make a double bath your focal point. It will instantly draw the eye in and create a sense of luxury as well as being the perfect place to unwind.