Make it as easy as possible for users to go from general content to the more specific content they want on your site. Add navigation pages when it makes sense and effectively work these into your internal link structure. In practice, an SEO consultant generally looks after other areas of digital marketing. If you target an audience of people older than 40, default to a larger size font than you might otherwise. Honestly, I wouldn't suggest moving so quickly that you risk some type of penalty. Particularly with backlinking, if your 'velocity' or the time passing and frequency of links procured rises too fast - it will look fishy and unnatural.

Why most people will never be great at SERPs

The biggest and most obvious "no-no" is the buying of links. You should never pay for a link. Ever. These are old "black hat" link building tactics that were common in the past, but are now an immediate sign of trouble on the horizon. Any change you make to your site that will impact your search index has to carefully considered. The only way to fix this is to embark upon the extensive task of rewriting existing product descriptions in addition to ensuring any new products are launched with completely unique descriptions. Narrow down your focus - and you'll avoid low conversion rates.

What are the positive aspects of page speed on today's web?

The net effect becomes a steadydecline in brand loyalty. As weeve said before, the sheer amount of information that is available through the internet has increased exponentially since the beginning of the information era. Viewers often can recall the most irrational and illogical ads. Adjustments will be made with the strategies or tactics used in implementation.

Maybe meta tags will be a thing of the past

Google and other search engines are aggressively rolling out new formats for search results. It's no surprise that the Internet contains massive amounts of spam. Some estimate as much as 60% of the web's pages are spam. While, for the most part, social media doesn't have an instant ROI, you are creating a larger awareness of your brand. According to SEO Consultant, Gaz Hall: "Educational content can be described as content that teaches people something or helps answer one of their questions. Having a blog is a great way to consistently provide your readers (and search engine surfers) with new, informative content. The articles are typically short and have key takeaways or downloadable resources attached to them. These types of resources make great pages for other sites to link to."

When someone mentions walled garden sites do you think about search engine optimisation?

It not exactly best practice SEO in 2018, and I'd be nervous creating any low-quality pages on your site these days. Newer and smaller companies with limited finances often employ the "what we can afford" approach. As the world continues to shrink through advances in telecommunications, consumers are becoming increasingly similar, displaying comparable consumer characteristics and purchase behaviors. The more searches and hits your website will receive, the higher it will eventually be placed in a search engines 'rankings', meaning that it will appear at the top of a search page if users use specific keywords and visit your website.