... internet solutions for desperate times

Welcome to the intersol website. Feel free to stick around for a cup of tea or your favourite tipple. My name is Gary Hall and I've been asked to put some information here about us so here goes.... As you can see, there's not an awful lot happening here. We're probably out or busy doing other stuff, like having Fitbit competitions or playing Jenga or something. Or we may be busy, beavering away at creating a super duper new fangled web solution for a customer that's paying us peanuts and has a great idea but doesn't want to put the money up front to pay for it. (We get a lot of that.)

Triumphant solutions

We have built some great sites in the past (honest!) and have been involved in some 'cool' projects. For instance, we were involved in launching the first UK version of the LG website in the 90's (ah - those were the days when customers had money!) and we've also created TAP Assess, an assessment tool for Education, which was fun to make and helps little ones to learn. The Beverley Guide was also fun to work on as it helps to promote the local area of East Yorkshire (somewhere in the grim north of England) where we're based.

Communication hotlines

Golly, now you've got me started. (I'm going to have to put my muffin down as I find it difficult to type with one hand when I'm excited.) intersol have not only built internet solutions; we've promoted them too! We marketed websites and promoted affiliate programs for some of the big betting companies like BetVictor and bet365. We also spent a lot of time with search engine optimisation and marketing through social networks to increase customer visibility and revenues (wooo!).

Manna from heaven

The first websites that we built back in the 90's were powered by gerbils typing on ZX81 computers but times changed and so did we. We moved from using old fashioned gubbins to modern things which impress people more. We found that most people found this was a good thing. We mainly agree but we do miss the gerbils - they were really fast around those wheels.

Give us your money!

Right here comes the sales pitch - hold onto your hats! So if you want a website knocking together, or you want us to let people know about your website, then get in touch with us. My personal email address is Drop me a line and I'll see what I can do for you. I might even get some commission if you spend lots of money with us! So please, don't delay - write today.